Nevada is a state in the western United States. Nevada is known for her libertarian laws. The establishment of legalized gambling and mild procedures of marriage and divorce in the twentieth century transformed Nevada into a large tourist destination. Nevada is the only US state in which prostitution is legal (although it is banned in the Clark and Vaux area, which contain Las Vegas and Reno). The tourism industry is Nevada’s main employer, and mining is of great importance to the economic sector, with Nevada the fourth-largest gold producer in the world.

“Flying Geyser”

This geyser looks like it’s not from our planet – it looks almost unreal and throws out powerful water jets in the magnificent colors of the rain. The flying geyser is located on a piece of private land in Nevada, a flying geyser, as it is called, is one of the largest attractions of the United States. Although you would at first glance imagine that nature itself could have created such a phenomenon, its origin, in fact, came about thanks to the human hand. The unusual geyser, from which water is about 1.5 meters away, is about 500 meters from the highway, however many residents of Nevada do not even know that there is because it is not open to tourists. Before assuming such an unusual look, the geyser was just a plain well that people accidentally drilled in 1916. After a while, hot water began to shift from the cracks of wells to the surface, despite attempts by the workers to stop it. Although this attraction is on a private property and is not open to tourists, it is still possible to visit it in agreement with the owner, with the appropriate monetary compensation.

Las Vegas

What to visit?

Las Vegas“Welcome to Las Vegas” – Similar to the famous “Hollywood” sign located in the hills of Los Angeles, the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is a world-famous landmark that you have seen hundreds of times on the Internet, in TV or in magazines. So, while you are in town, why not take the opportunity to paint beside him. There is even a new parking space for a sign designed to improve pedestrian safety. It is located on the southern end of Strip and it may be your chance to visit Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Bellagio Fountain (Fountain Bellagio) – Fontana is located in front of the hotel, on an artificial lake of 3,2 ha. More than 1,000 water jets along with 4,000 luminaries, play with music, creating a true spectacle. Every 30min, or every 15min from 20h until midnight, you can enjoy this fantastic performance.

Eiffel Tower – Located along Strip Street and one of the many great things you can see in Las Vegas. The replica of the original tower is located at the Paris Hotel. You can climb to the tower and enjoy the view of the popular boulevard.