Traveling the world is one of life’s great pleasures.

Every corner of the planet has something unique to give the tourist and it has long been one of the most popular approaches to living a full life.

But travelling isn’t about just throwing a dart at a map and going wherever it lands (unless you’re super random and extra loaded $$$).

When choosing a destination, you must ensure that wherever you choose to go will fulfill some inner need for adventure or knowledge in you and this is why we’ve created this list.

These places are some of the most fulfilling destinations reported by travellers over the years:

1. Los Angeles City, USA: Fame lives in Los Angeles. Here you can find the most important film companies in the world like Metro Goldwin Mayer, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, etc. The most famous celebrities work here. Not only from film and television, but also celebrities from social networks like Youtubers or Instagrammers.

If you’re someone interested in being a public figure or star, an LA visit is a no brainer for travel. Spend a few weeks there, and if you like it, start thinking about making that permanent move and becoming the star you’ve always wanted to be!

2. Rishikesh, India: this is the best place on earth to experience spiritual tourism. In Rishikesh you can learn about spiritual philosophy, breathing, meditation and yoga.

India will fascinate you with its contrasts of poverty and wealth and the warmth of its people under any circumstances.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: if you want to live life to the fullest you have to visit the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian summer is extremely warm, its waters are warm and crystal clear.

Brazilians welcome tourists very well because they love you to visit them. There are many different prices for accommodation. Food and drink are very affordable.

Few people speak English in Brazil, but they have such good attention and acclimation to tourists that they still understand you.

4. Bariloche, Argentina: if you love snow, Bariloche is the perfect city for you. There are many things to do here besides skiing: sports (marathon, triathlon), shopping, and eating chocolate! The chocolate is delicious, handmade and with the purest ingredients.

A plus point is that Bariloche is economically viable for foreign tourists, due to the devaluation of the Argentinean currency, the peso.

5. Tokyo, Japan: If you want to see the future you have to visit Tokyo, as it is not only the capital of Japan, but of world technology. You have to admit that it is one of the three most expensive touristic places in the world, but it is worth to know. Keep in mind that few people speak English there, so you probably have to use body language to make yourself understood.

Also, Tokyo has a population of more than 13 million people, so if you don’t like crowds you better not go there.

6. Giza, Egypt: if you are interested in knowing History, you must visit Egypt, cradle of one of the most extraordinary civilizations of the humanity. In Giza you can find the famous pyramids, which were declared as one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

It is said that these pyramids emit impressive vibrations and those who visit them completely renew their personal energy.

7. Tel Aviv, Israel: this country is sacred to the three great religions of the world: the Hebrew, the Christian and the Muslim.

In addition to the religious mystique that surrounds the country, Tel Aviv, its capital, is a very modern and technological city. Many people speak English there, so communication will not be a problem.

Many tourists of all faiths visit Israel exclusively to get to know Judea (80 km from Tel Aviv), the region where Jesus was born, which is an amazing experience that will remain forever in your memory.