Somehow, we always fool around while packing and take a bunch of unnecessary things under the slogan “maybe I’ll need it.” Make it easy for yourself and do not pack these things because you will definitely not need to rest.

More than one suitcase

SuitcasesIf there is one thing in this list that can be easily avoided, then these are two suitcases. I know seasoned short-haul passengers, who routinely travel in the company of two “giants” – pull the boxes that have wheels, so big and heavy that they can stand oven and sink! I always wonder what’s in these suitcases without what people cannot survive for two weeks ?! Madness! It’s unbearable when they ask you to help them because they can not lift those ugly ones themselves and board, like everyone else, on a bus, a train, an airplane.

Uncomfortable shoes

Shoes with a platform from which your legs are caught, espadrille from a lace that scratches your skin strangely? Leave them at home because you will definitely not decide to wear them when you go on a tour of the city!

Hard-binding books

You like to take books on vacation and that’s great, but smartly choose not only titles but also links. Do not hamper luggage by packing a 700-page book and those with a hard link. Enjoy with such books at home, and on holiday take books that have a somewhat less strange and “plain” soft spot.

Bathing in which you are uncomfortable

If it’s uncomfortable for you to stand in front of the bathroom mirror in that bathroom, you will just be uncomfortable walking around on the beach. So, choose a swimsuit in which you feel comfortable and take it.

Too many cosmetics

Especially if you are staying in a hotel, there is no need to wear shampoo, soap, towels. If you are not sure that everything will be where you will be located, ask to check.


It’s the same as for cosmetics. If you are not sure, call the accommodation and ask if there is a hair dryer there and save yourself the extra weight of the suitcase.


The only real reason to bring your pet to the plane is if you do not plan to never return home again. Traveling with a cat or a dog, for whatever reason, is simply cruel to that animal. They will be scared and confused, and they may even get sick.