Before you start packing for a trip, make a list of things you need on vacation. In this way, you will not carry too many unnecessary things with you, but on the other hand, you will ease your way. Since the packaging knows that it is stressful and stressful, make a list of 10 days, make the purchase of all the necessary things, flush the wardrobe, arrange the shoes, check all the devices you carry with you and start the final packing for the trip. These are the necessary things for the journey that you need to take.

First aid is required

First aidTraveling is very exciting, but very often, if you are unwise, you can hurt yourself or hurt someone else. That’s why it’s good to always bring with you a small first aid bag. Take tablets with a headache, nausea, and difficulty if you have problems with allergies and changes in the climate, probiotics, etc. Be sure to take the bandage in case of physical injuries.

Wardrobe and footwear

Mostly the majority, and especially women, often pack too many things, which in the end do not get out of the suitcase. If you are on vacation, take some warm things with you in the event of a change in temperature or precipitation. If you are traveling by plane, take into account the limitations on luggage weight. If you are traveling in a business class, you can take up to 2 pieces of luggage at no extra cost. On the other hand, the weight of the luggage can be up to 32 kg, and for the economic class between 20-23 kg. Do not worry about clothing or shoes. Take comfortable shoes and a pair of elegant shoes if you plan out. Pajamas, towels, intimate underwear are an integral part of your luggage.


Be careful with the packs of cosmetic packaging and take only the necessary. Today you do not have to carry a large number of bottles with you (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc.), but in drug stores, you can buy a set of small bottles and fill them with shampoo, gel, etc. Of course, you can expect to receive mini cosmetics in the hotel, but if you like to use your cosmetics, you can apply small flaccid advice. If you are traveling on a holiday, be sure to carry with your own protective creams.

Personal and costly things

If you carry high-value items (laptop, tablet, camera, mobile phone, jewelry, etc.), always carry money and identity documents (passport, identity card, etc.) with you in a special bag. Take with you an insurance policy, an international traffic permit and an authorization if you are traveling on a journey with a vehicle that is not your property. Divide your money into several different places.

Raincoat and umbrella

During the trip, you can not foresee weather conditions. That’s why you need to bring an umbrella and raincoat to protect you from possible precipitation.

Things to have a comfortable trip

To make your trip comfortable, take your sleeping cushion and a thin blanket. For fun, it is desirable to bring some interesting book, magazine, games. If you find the noise, take your earplugs. Do not forget snacks and water.